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Plan It Forward

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

If you're looking for a financial advising relationship we may be a good fit.  Please review our financial planning process below to get an understanding of how we engage in client relationships. If you feel there's a possibility we could work well together please feel welcome to reach out to us to schedule a no obligation, complimentary interview. 

Our Process 

Consultation and Discovery

Clients and advisors need to feel comfortable working as a team.  Quality financial planning and investment management doesn't happen in one meeting.  It takes time, patience, and trust.


Behind each client interaction lies hours of analysis, modeling, and forecasting using the latest technology available.  We take the time to communicate complex topics into easy to understand action items.


At this point, the foundation has been poured, and it's time to bring in the framers.  This stage is exciting, as we start to see our plan coming to fruition.

Service Model

Every client relationship is unique; we've boiled our service model down into three programs that can be customized to address your specific needs.   

Pick Your Service Model 

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning

  • 3 review sessions per year 
  • Clients typically engage in a fee-only or fee-based relationship
  • The relationship is comprehensive; including, but not limited to; investment management, cash flow, budgeting, investment tax analysis, protection needs, estate strategies, etc. 
  • An updated financial plan is delivered each calendar year
  • Access to eMoney Advisor Wealth Portal
Subscription Services

Subscription Services

  • 2 review sessions each year 
  • Client may engage in a fee-only or fee-based relationship
  • This service model works best for those clients trying to target a specific segment of financial planning like cash flow or survivor needs.
  • Access to eMoney Advisor Wealth Portal 


  • 1 review session per year
  • Most commonly used in risk management relationships
  • Review is typically 30 days after contract anniversary.